Charming villages
Charming villages

Almería is a province where you will find a multitude of beautiful and interesting villages to visit. Let yourself be surprised by its heritage, its gastronomy and its beauty!

Mojacar, a typical Andalusian white village
Agua Amarga and its ancient volcano Mesa Roldan
Las Negras and its castle of Cala de San Pedro
Níjar and the church of Nuestra Señora de la Anunciación, the old mosque of the town.
Sorbas built on a cliff, the Afa.
Almocita and its narrow Andalusian streets.
Lucainena de las Torres, where its inhabitants decorate their houses with flowers.
Abrucena and the "fritá" of rabbit.
Laujar de Andaraz, Boabdil's last refuge.

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